Rescheduled Reception for Congressman Latham

Good morning

Hoping that you will be able to set aside a few minutes on April 4th and come and greet our new congressional representative the Honorable Tom Latham. What a difference just 30 days has made since the snow storm caused the event to be rescheduled. Polk County residents have been confronted with many unexpected additional social, financial and educational issues in these short few weeks.

Attached you will find two documents to assist you as a private citizen and your organization which serves African American Community life issues unique to our community. Your input of information will certainly be of assistance to Mr. Latham and his staff as they learn more about the diverse people groups who live in Iowa’s most populous county.

Cheryl A. Bolden

pdf iconFlyer-Congressman Latham-Resc-F .pdf

Form-Quest for Mr. Latham.pd

f Info Sheet for Congressman Latham-Guide-Resc.pdf

pdf iconInfo Sheet for Congressman Latham-Resc-EXAMPLE-VFW Post 12105.pdf

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