Part time front desk employment at DM Water Works $16/hr


Front Desk — Customer Service

D U T I E S:
Work at the DMWW Reception Desk accepting payments and responding to service
requests and inquiries from customers and DMWW personnel.
 Responds to customer inquiries related to the customer service operation.
 Communicates information to customers regarding their responsibility for maintenance
and repair of customer-owned water related equipment.
 Provides standard information on departmental procedures, policies, and services upon
Works with difficult or dissatisfied customers to resolve problems while maintaining/restoring the customer’s goodwill.
 Researching and preparing information needed by Customer Service personnel.
 Prepare work orders for field staff to complete in-home customer service.
 Completes other duties of a similar nature.
Equal Opportunity / Affirmative Action
M I N I M U M Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S :
Education: High school diploma or equivalent.
 Two years experience working in a customer service
position, that include processing currency transaction duties.
 Additional experience may be substituted for education.
To Apply or For More Information:
Log on to and click on
Search/Apply for Jobs.
B e n e f i t s
 Medical
 Dental
 Vacation Pay
 Holiday Pay
 Training
 Retirement Plan


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