April Monthly Communities of Color Organizing Workshop (MCOCOW) April 27th


Please join the Women of Color Advisory Network (WOCAN) for the April Monthly Communities of Color Organizing Workshop (MCOCOW) on Friday, April 27th, 2012.

WOCAN invites you to a conversation regarding the annual “Different Colors of Violence” Youth Conference to be held this December. The purpose of the youth conference is to engage middle students in a dialogue about violence prevention, strategies, and interventions. Historically professional presenters provided facilitation for interactive youth dialogue focusing on identifying healthy and respectful relationships. As the needs of youth change it is important that those of us providing programming such as this be reflective about how we do so. Therefore, we are using the Monthly Communities of Color Organizing Workshops (MCOCOW) forum to host this discussion and we invite you to participate in a conversation about how to ensure that the “Different Colors of Violence” Youth Conference resonates and is meaningful to young people. Please see the attached a flyer for further details regarding the discussion as well as the 2010 Youth Conference announcement for your reference.

If you are unable to attend the discussion and would like to share your insights on providing engaging material to middle school youth, please let me know and I’d be happy to chat with you further.





Kendra Malone

Information & Technical Assistant SpecialistThe Resource Sharing Project
Iowa Coalition Against Sexual Assault

515 28th Street, Suite 107

Des Moines

, IA 50312

(515) 244-7424


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