Des Moines City-Wide Youth Revivial. Feb 19th – Feb 23rd.

This will be the 14th Annual City-Wide Youth Revival, wherein we bring as many young people together for fellowship, preaching of God’s Word and good gospel/inspirational choirs and musicians, all that our Heavenly Father may be glorified, and we be strengthened. 14 years ago, we started this Revival to be an additional platform where youth ministers could have an opportunity to exercise their preaching skills, and have a positive impact on their peers, and all who would hear. We have tag-team preaching, (about 10 minutes each). God has Blessed and continues to Bless our efforts as we trust in HIM and His Word and let the Holy Ghost lead, guide and direct us. : )

Some of the young men preaching have been with us the entire time, we’ve gone through “growing pains” together so it’s a special occasion. Souls have been saved and youth and adults have turned ther lives around for Jesus Christ. We pray 2012 will have a powerful impact on our youth and adults for Christ, that seeds of the Gospel will continue to go forth, and souls will be saved.

The Youth Revival leads up to:

The 43rd Annual Congress of Christian will convene two days of the young people’s spring break March 20-21. This program was started by my mother, McCeil Clinton back in the 60’s. It is designed to get the young people off the streets and out of he malls during DMPS spring break. Since many of our youth have no one at home, we provide free lunch, classes, panel discussions and just a fun spirit-filled time. Mass Musical on the Monday night, rehearsals will start March 6

We look forward to the Preaching of the Word, Fellowship and Ministry of Music.

Contact Dr. King for more information.


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