“Bridges out of Poverty” Book Discussion tonight, 7-8:30 pm

Freedom for Youth is hosting a book discussion this evening to discuss the themes and opportunities presented in “Bridges out of Poverty”.  The discussion is open to the public, and hopes to have a diverse group to make for a meaningful discussion.  Freedom for Youth is located at 2255 Hickman Road behind the Quik Trip on Hickman and MLK.

A message from the host:

“This is not that professional training. I only want to introduce this book to you and give highlights from the discussions and worksheets they offer, and let us have an informal discussion about who we serve, why and what we can do to be helpful and not hurtful. There is a lot to understand and it can be difficult, especially if we do not come from a similar background. I love the way this book allows us to understand mindsets, scenarios and some reasons for decisions that may be confusing to us. I am very excited to meet with you all and learn from your insights, as well!”


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