Does your house know its number? Learn about the ongoing house number campaign.

House Number Campaign

Through a Thrivent grant, King Irving and Mondamin Presidential Neighborhood Associations have funds to provide house numbers to neighborhood homes that do not have them.  House numbers are important for emergencies, for UPS, USPS, and Fed Ex packages, and also for your pizza deliveries!

On a recent evening, Joann Muldoon and I were visiting homes to see residents wanted us to provide house numbers for them.  They were pleased to receive them, but they wanted to know what they had to do to get the numbers.  Having the address clearly marked on homes is important to the community, and though this grant, there is no cost to the residents.  We also spoke with a young woman that was visiting her parents who have lived in the neighborhood for a long time.  She was appreciative that we were able to help her parents. Our campaign is continuing and we want you to be a part of it.  If your home needs house numbers or you know of a family who does, call me, Jean Minahan, at 282-3798.

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