2011 Fall Fest at E. Davis Park was COOL!!!

The Fall Fest held on September 17th at E Davis Park was COOL!!  Not only was the weather cool, but it’s always cool to see members and friends of the community coming together.  This year, our residents cam together in planning as well as celebrating!  The planning members came from many organizations, including the Des Moines Public Library, Friends of the Forest Ave Library, King Irving Neighborhood Association, and the Mondamin Presidential Neighborhood Association.

Fall Festival by Allison Meier

The weather was cool, but that didn’t have any effect on the turnout for the day’s events at Davis Park. CCambo Breakdancing came out and were fabulous as they always are! The kids really got into the activities that were provided. It was great to see the kids enjoying themselves and also watching them try one of the dances that were done by HAPA, the Filipino folk dancing group out of Ankeny, IA. The African American Museum from Cedar Rapids came down, so it was nice to see a cultural museum represented at the event. If anyone is interested in taking a road trip they are having the ‘Journey to Freedom’, which is an annual event October 1st at 6pm. There were many other vendors with a multitude of information to provide to the community. Thanks to all attendees and other performers that came and showcased their wonderful talent! Friends of the Forest Ave Library, Mondamin and King Irving neighborhood associations did a wonderful job of making this event happen.  We hope all of you get a chance to view the pictures of the event.