Stand Up Mid City and claim your new grocery store!

As you all know, grocery options for the Mid City Community are limited.  Top Value Foods closed many years ago, and there is an initiative to get a grocery store at that location. The grocery store will share the building with the Evelyn Davis Center for Working Families, so please send a letter of support to help get the entire project off the ground.

Read the attached message from Rhonda Cason, and do your part to create a better tomorrow in the neighborhood.

Dear Community Activists/Leaders:
The Evelyn Davis Project Community Planning Committee’s mission is “To identify areas of need and advise the Planning Committee regarding the development, implementation and sustainability of the Evelyn Davis Project.”  The location of the Evelyn K. Davis Center for Working Families and the proposed commercial/retail grocery store, jewelry and nail salon will be located at 801 University in Des Moines.  The projected opening date is January, 2012.  I am enclosing a Project Overview and the summary of services proposed for the retail development.
Simon Cotran, Cotran and CDT Invest LLC Partnership, will be submitting their financial proposal to a financial institution during the week of September 6, 2011.  Underwriting has proven to be a hindrance to the project due to the history of the previous grocery operation.  We, the Community Committee, are requesting your assistance in demonstrating community support of the commercial/retail project.  You, one of the strong voices of our community, must be heard.  Please send/deliver your letter of support, preferably on your letterhead, from your institution/organization by September 2011, to
Rhonda Cason, Co-Chair
Evelyn Davis Project Community Planning Committee to the following address:
DMACC Community Workforce
Harding Hills Mall
3420 Martin Luther King Parkway – Ste. 100
Des Moines, IA  50310
Due to short time frame you may e-mail your letter of support directly to me at Josephinelem@  Please contact me if you have any questions, just call (515) 282-0342.
Your support will be greatly appreciated.

Rhonda Cason, Co-Chair
Evelyn Davis Project Community Planning Committee