Be a Point of Contact (P.O.C) on your block!

Do you care about your neighborhood and people within it? Does the safety of your community concern you? Does the idea of having a little more fun and a closer-knit block intrigue you?  If you answered yes to these questions, you are the ideal person to be your block Point Of Contact (P.O.C).  Odds are you are already doing much of what a P.O.C does, but deciding to be a P.O.C allows you a little more structure and a wealth of resources to share with your neighbors.

As a P.O.C, you are a representative of your block (basically all of the homes you can see from your front yard). You will communicate current events to your neighbors, direct them to the right place for services, and establish bonds on your block that will strengthen the entire community. Every block is different and your block will be what you make of it!  Every P.O.C will be provided with a manual full of useful information and resources or you can download it by clicking Block Manual POC

As an extra incentive, the John R. Grubb YMCA is going to sponsor a block party to those block’s that have a P.O.C.  They will provide the  meat, the grill, and the music.  You get your neighbors there!

Contact Justen Jones at 471-8686 or Robin Hamel at 280-1674  for more information on how you can be a Point Of Contact

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