Legislative Update

Legislative Update
Representative Ako Abdul-Samad
“It is your right to know what your government is doing and it is your responsibility to know.”

The legislative session ended on Thursday June 30 a day before the shut down of government. That prevented state workers from being laid off and services to continue for the masses of people.

What does it mean, it means that the Governor did get a partial two year budget, that pre-school got an 11 million dollar cut and the school districts got 0% allowable growth. Let me say it another way, a number of low income children still will not be able to attend pre-school and programs and some teachers will have to be cut.

The Human Rights Commission, will undergo some changes as its budget was cut, and as other department’s budget cuts are made, some state workers will lose their jobs.

The budget is still up to the Governor to sign. The gains that were made in the negotiations could face a line item veto by the Governor. He will have until July 30 to sign the budget into law.

Democrats and Republicans worked hard to get the budget passed and to the Governor with hopes his veto pen would not strip the hard work that was done.

This session was a difficult one for many of us, but it also showed us as Legislators and community that if we do not use are right to vote then we leave it up to others to govern us. Let me say it another way, the school board election, city council, and other elections need your attention and your vote. Your voice can be heard and your children can have a future and a good future in Iowa if we understand our voting responsibility.

Remember to give your child or children a hug and saying I love you at the same time is good.

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Your Voice, My Voice
Iowa State Representative
Ako Abdul-Samad