Polk County Health Department

1907 Carpenter Ave.

515-286-3798(T), 515-286-2033(F)





According to the Institute of Medicine, “Public Health is what we, as a society, do collectively to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy.”
Polk County Health Department’s roles, in making this happen, include:

  • Provide leadership to other public health and healthcare providers and organizations
  • Prevent, minimize, and contain adverse health affects from disease, injuries and risky behaviors
  • Implement health education programs to promote and encourage healthy behaviors
  • Assure access to quality health care services
  • Ensure compliance with public health laws
  • Lead planning and response activities for public health emergencies
Who We Are:
Polk County Health Department employs well-trained staff members who have the necessary skills and resources to deliver best practices and evidence-based programs in Clinical Services, Laboratory Services, Outreach Services, Education Programs and Planning Initiatives.
Our Mission:
To improve the health and safety of our residents by assuring people have access to necessary health services; advocate for policies that promote health and safety; and provide services to prevent and control disease.
Our Vision:
We will be valued as the leader for identifying public health priorities, mobilizing resources and community partnerships; and through this leadership, all people who live and work in Polk County will be safe, free of disease and have the knowledge and resources to lead healthy lives.