Edna Griffin Park

Looking for a way to give back to your community…Why not take a part in building the new playground at Edna Griffin Park?

GDM Habitat for Humanity, in conjunction with the Thrivent Builds Neighborhoods project, will be revitalizing Edna Griffin Park located at 13th st and College Ave. On July 15th/16th, they will be building a new playground to replace all of the old equipment that has served many generations of children in the neighborhood. Along with that they will also be installing new benches, doing some landscaping, and doing a few odds and ends at the community garden right next door.

They have 3 shifts available: Friday 1-7p for 16+, Thursday 8a-noon is open for anyone age 16+ and Thursday noon-4p is available for anyone age 14+.To volunteer, contact Natalie at 471-8686 or get online at http://greaterdesmoineshabitatforhumanity.volunteerlocal.com/

For more info on the project, feel free to contact Justen Jones at 471-8686×130 or jjones@gdmhabitat.org

Computer Rendering of Future Playground, Chosen by Kids of The Haven after school program at CFUM