Trinity Centennial Celebration

Dear all…

This was a glorious weekend in the life of Trinity/Las Americas/CFUM community!!!

People will long remember the Trinity Building Centennial Cornerstone Celebration, the full sanctuary, the music, pageantry, sermon, reflections from former pastors, and the food during the luncheon…as well as the block party that was gifted with gorgeous weather and the support of partner congregations, good neighbors and friends, and “great acts on the main stage!”

I am grateful for the dedication, hard work and generosity of so many who helped to make the renovations and celebration possible…ours is a blessed community because it reaches out to the neighbor and stranger first, with a sacred Spirit of openness, acceptance and affection…

I thought you might like to see a few images of the weekend (actually quite a bit many more than a few!)…enjoy!



Block party (Saturday)

Building Centennial Worship, lunch and afternoon program (Sunday)