New Friendship Church

New Friendship Church of God in Christ is housed at 1317 Forest Avenue. This church has a very rich history, alongside Pastor R.L Daye, who is still serving the public. The history of New Friendship goes all the way back to 1973. Many of you may remember Pastor R.L Daye, as I do from his days as a DJ on KUCB. Another notable event that had a two year stint on television, entitled “The Gospel Train”, where Pastor R.L Daye hosted. New Friendship is now 39 years old and holds a Founder’s Day Celebration every year around May 15. The significance of the Founder’s Day is to celebrate the long history and standing the church has in the community. This church is nestled across the street from the Forest Avenue Library and can easily be seen from east to west while driving down Forest Avenue.

I visited with R.L Daye as he was about to start working on the church’s lawn. He took time to speak with me about the church’s role in the community and the changes the church has undergone in past years. His main goal is to make sure that New Friendship maintains a safe refugee for the lonely. The congregation at  one time was high in numbers, however in recent years a steady decline has occurred. If you are looking for a new church, New Friendship would be a good  church to visit.