Restaurante El Salvador del Mundo

Looking for a good lunch getaway? Look no further than El Salvador del Mundo at the corner of Corning and 6th Ave – 2901 6th Ave. It is one of my favorite places for a quick and filling delicious lunch.

Today I went for a walk. The restaurant is a little over a half mile from my office, so I indulged myself on this sunny mid-90 degree afternoon with a little stroll – plus, it is a bit of a money saver not having to start up my ’92 Blazer for that mile round trip. Once inside, there is plenty of space for large groups, a television if you’re in the mood, and plenty of decor highlighting El Salvador and its culture. And the menu is available in Spanish or English as well as having a bilingual staff.

I ordered my usual Mandarin Jarrito and 2 pupusas, though they have all of the traditional choices you would expect. A pupusa is a traditional Salvadoran dish made with a thick, hand-made corn tortilla and filled with meats, beans, and/or cheeses. My choice today was the cheese and bean pupusa, but today I went with a little flair and had them had loroco, a vine plant that adds just a little extra something.

After a few minutes of sipping on my Jarrito, my meal was ready to go. It came with curtido – a pickled cabbage relish – and a tomato sauce. Things like curtido aren’t usually my thing, but I do enjoy it with a good pupusa. It didn’t take me long to devour the meal, of course with grace and dignity, but I was quite full and ready for the walk back to work.

After all of that, it set me back less than $6, which is quite a steal these days. And if it weren’t for my love of that Mandarin Jarrito it would have been an even better deal. Check them out Wednesday-Monday 9:30a-9:30p.