Spectrum Resources may have what you need.

Spectrum Resources, located at 1700 Keo Way, may have the opportunity that you are seeking.

Stop in and meet the staff at Spectrum Resources.  They may be able to help you find a job, or better yet, to find a career.

Spectrum Resources is similar to many of the agencies in the community, in that they offer a wide variety of programming, and that most people don’t know all that they do.  Our visit to Spectrum was informative, welcoming, and enjoyable.  We were greeted upon arrival and then given a tour of the facilities.  Did you know Spectrum has a house inside of their building?  Well they do!  Much of what Spectrum does centers around the building trades.  They have trained hundreds of formerly incarcerated individuals in different aspects of construction, from home building to a new focus on solar energy program installation.

Spectrum’s Mission is:

“To guide our clients on the Critical Path, providing support in their pursuit of Continued Quality Improvement, in all aspects of life.”

The Spectrum program reaches out to individuals while they are still incarcerated. The counselors speak with and coach the inmates/applicants to make better choices in life and in their careers.  Those chosen between the ages of 18-29 experience a recidivism (the percent of X-offenders who return to incarceration) rate of 7%, significantly below the national average for that population.

If you are not an X-offender, do not fret.  Spectrum has an employment specialist on staff that can help anyone create a resume and conduct a job search.  We had an appointment for our visit, but I believe walk ins are welcome.

They also hire professionals to serve as trainers in the programs, so check out their website for the piece that you need.

Stop in and Connect.