Anfrak International Market

If you haven’t been to the Anfrak International Market, it is a must visit. Their primary audience is the African community but welcomes all. Francis Konne, owner indirectly imports goods, such as movies, cosmetics, clothing and food. The clothing is shipped to Des Moines, quarterly.

Some interesting things that I learned when I visited the market were about the herbs and vegetables they carry.  Bitter Leaf, which is a Nigerian green leaf, is used for soup making. It tastes better bitter while it gives both a hearty appetite and taste.  Another herb that is also used for soups is called Ukazi (oo ka zi), which is also a green leaf.  It is sliced into tiny pieces and adds flavor.

Francis said that his business is meant to “meet the needs to those especially coming here as immigrants and refugees. He wants them to have a feeling of home as they integrate into society smoothly.”  The market acts as a connector between those from their home country or tribe to those already established in Des Moines.

So come out and visit this great market that supports the 6th Avenue Corridor!

Here is a bit of trivia:  Did you know that yams, fufu flour and potato are all root tuber?  (answer- in American we call them vegetables-they are all grown through a tube!)