Home Inc.  has two main programs;  Community Housing Services Program and the Property Program.  The Community Housing Services Program provide free counseling services for Iowans living in rental properties.  They also act as mediators in solving housing disputes.  HOME Inc. puts out a very informative Rental Handbook for Landlords and Tenants that offers facts on landlord tenant law and rights and responsibilities for both.  Home Inc.  also works with clients to help them prepare for buying a home.

HOME Inc.’s property program is unique because HOME Inc can act as both the developer and contractor.  HOME Inc can offer a variety of financing options to make home ownership more affordable.  Check out the home ownership options and available properties at Homeincdsm.org

Home Inc.  is located at the United Way Building 1111 9th St. Ste. 210 Des Moines, IA 50314