Moms tell Congress what they really wanted for Mother’s Day

While most mothers are usually happy with flowers or a hand-drawn card from their children on Mother’s Day, this year a handful of Iowa mothers (and some fathers) had a very important request for Congress: be responsible to families and children.
On Saturday May 7, Iowa mothers stood in the Show House of the Botanical Center to ask members of Congress to protect the supports they need to make a better life for themselves and their kids: reliable, high-quality child care; accessible, affordable health care; high-quality education; available fair paying jobs; and assurance of affordable college for their kids in the future. .

Proposed budget cuts in Congress would decimate these critical family supports. Deficit reduction is an important goal, but accomplishing it on the backs of our most vulnerable citizens is no Mother’s Day gift.

The Child and Family Policy Center concluded the program with an outline of the stakes for mothers, fathers, children and society in the 2012 federal budget.