DM Asian Foods on 6th Avenue: Something for everyone

Des Moines Asian Foods on 6th Avenue is located in the heart of the Des Moines multicultural center. Although the Asian Food Market caters primarily to the Asian Community they do have many items that serve a broader international community.   They have an eclectic assortment of foods ranging from soy sauce and Mexican cookies to fufu flour for our residents from African countries.   They do have a full service meat market and produce section and offer prepared food like tilapia and chicken meals.  Make sure to check out their Daily Special board.  However, Des Moines Asian Foods’  hottest seller is the international phone cards as many of their customers want to stay connected to their friends and family back home.  In addition, they also offer recharging services for those phone cards.

The Des Moines Asian Foods used to be an Aldi’s and then transferred to a general supermarket. Thom Bui took over the Des Moines Asian Foods in 2003 and in 2007 the expansion process began with adding the meat department.  Thom and Lanh Bui rarely visit their home country of Vietnam; however, when they do Lanh brings back trinkets to sell to the DM market.

Bruce Bui son of owners Thom and Lanh Bui commented that “we try to cater to all cultural and ethnic communities”.  They are currently working with organizations and churches to accommodate the community’s needs, for example in 2010, the Nepalese community experienced growth, which influenced the expansion of the products that the Asian Food Market carries.  DM Asian Foods is also a strong supporter of the 6th Avenue Corridor revitalization project.  Make sure to support your local businesses and stop in to DM Asian Foods for all of your international food needs.