Mid City Community Alliance Update

Tuesday night was our latest round table discussion for the Mid City Community Alliance. Apparently when Ramon is in charge of “light refreshments” we get a selection of buffalo wings, cookies, chips, and drinks. Sorry to all who missed out on the smorgasbord.

We had a good turn out of residents from many different neighborhoods and representatives from organizations, and we had some great discussion. The night started out with a recap of the history and what we have been working on, but then we decided to turn off the powerpoint and have a real discussion about what a block captain should be, what they should do, who they are, and how to accomplish a successful program.

The group wants BCs to connect, communicate, and facilitate activities on their blocks. They should be able to rely on neighborhood associations for support and be able to bring their issues to them. The BC would facilitate unity on the block by setting goals for the block but wouldn’t be a dictator. They help their neighbors but not do all of the work, after all it is a community they are helping to build, and a community involves more than one person.

The conversation went well beyond the time we thought it would, which is a good problem to have, but we had to cut it short. We invite anyone who wants to continue the conversation to join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays 10:15-11:30am at the Forest Avenue Library.