Community Family Team Meeting

The Community Family Team Meeting is a unique strategy to help families stay strong and deal with life’s hurdles.  A community is only as strong as the families that live there.  Read on to find out about this valuable resource.

Community Family Team Meetings work directly with the family to address challenges and identify solutions.

Some reasons for a Family Team Meeting are:

  • Keeping a child safely at home
  • Improving upsetting behavior
  • Eliminating student suspension and expulsion from school.
  • Involving family, friends, and neighbors in treatment and recovery
  • Increasing safety for family
  • Focusing on the strengths of the family and helping them succeed
  • Identifying neighborhood resources to help families that are struggling

Family Team Meetings work because

Families are valued and respected

Families know themselves better than anyone, so they can come up with the most creative solutions

Each family is unique and special

Children can best be kept safe when families, friends and neighbors work together.

Community Family Team Meetings are funded by the Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC).  CPPC helps neighbors protect children and help families.

It helps all of us to help struggling families find the assistance they need and you can help families too.  You can refer them to the program or be a mentor for a family who needs support and encouragement.  There is always a need for space, food, or other assistance to support the family team meetings in your neighborhood.  You can even be a trained facilitator.

To find out more contact Calleus Orr at 515-725-2787 or

or  contact Suzanne Erwin-Holmes at 515-783-2484