“Viewers Like You…”

At the end of every PBS program – my favorite growing up was always Reading Rainbow – they would always have the short message about the program being supported by “viewers like you”. Well, we work kind of the same way.

Don’t worry, I do not want your money like PBS…I want your content. Every week I get emails, flyers, and phone calls about events and resources in the Mid City. As long as it actually pertains to our community, the information will get passed on to the website, calendar, and Facebook. So, please keep sending in the great stuff, even if it is a quick little blurb about your family picnic at one of the fine parks in Mid City or your Grandma’s not-so-secret banana bread recipe you like to make for community events.

When it comes to our Facebook page, there is even more you can do. Write on the wall, give us some feedback about our postings, publicize an upcoming event…just remember that it is a public wall and it will be whatever the community wants to make it. As long as you aren’t pimping your latest miracle diet fueled by the Acai super-fruit, you can write pretty much whatever you want up there.