Mondamin Getting a New Church

Gatchel United Methodist Church on MLK Jr. Parkway.

Less than two months ago, Gatchel United Methodist Church closed it’s doors at 1909 Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway. However, just this last week it was announced that a new church will be taking over the space.

Burns United Methodist Church, currently at 811 Crocker St, will be moving in April 1st with the first scheduled service to be April 17th. Burns, like Gatchel did, serves an older generation, but it is one of their goals to reinvigorate their services with a younger crowd.

As they move into the neighborhood, look for their friendly faces around the block. They really want to be involved in the community and believe that the diversity of the area will be a great strength to the future of their Church.

For more info, check out the Des Moines Register Article by Janet Klockenga