Move the Food

3816 36th St. 515-277-6969

Healthy food for all. Here. Now. Tomorrow.



Food Pantry Director: Elisabeth Ballstadt

MovetheFood is an entire city coming together to make sure everyone in Greater Des Moines has enough to eat, working through the DMARC Emergency Food Pantry Network.

MovetheFood is businesses, schools, congregations, youth groups, civic agencies and more.

MovetheFood is about giving, volunteering, learning, and being totally surprised.

MovetheFood is based on almost 40 years of civic service by the Des Moines Area Religious Council, an interfaith organization founded in 1952 to promote the welfare of the community. The DMARC Emergency Food Pantry Network is a centralized warehouse that services 12 neighborhood pantry sites in the metro area.

Check out their website for information on your local Emergency Food Panty. There are plenty to choose from.