Field Trip Follow Up

The Mondamin Presidential Neighborhood Association accepted an invitation from Representative Ako Abdul-Samad, to meet at our state Capitol last week.  What an informative, interesting and fun time.  After our meal, we heard Representative Ruth Ann Gaines speak on her role as state representative.  She is a freshman in a new environment and is under the expert tutelage of Representative Abdul-Samad, who she called her mentor.  She serves on many committees and looks forward to attending neighborhood meetings and getting feedback from the community.  Be sure to speak with Ms. Gaines and voice your concerns as well as your support for all she does.

Joe Romano explained the expenditures of the budget. How your tax dollars are spread around between education, transportation, economic development, the justice system, agriculture and administration.  Wow…I’d hate to handle that checkbook!

The Iowa State Capitol, captured at night by Objects of Art Photography

Representative Abdul-Samad then closed out the evening with a tour of the two houses.  The voting process and how bills move from one house to the next, and how they become laws.  He stressed to all those present to get involved in the political process.  Write your representative showing your support, or lack of support, for bills up for discussion.  He explained you can visit “your house” any time.  Come to the Capitol and sit in to hear the discussions.  All of us gathered for a picture, and even sat in the Speaker’s chair.  It was a cold evening for our field trip but very well worth it!  We thank Representatives Gaines and Abdul-Samad for their gracious hospitality.

Remember, the Capitol building is “your house”, and you are welcome anytime!

Valerie Allen, President

Mondamin Presidential Neighborhood Association