Creative Visions

1343 13th St. 515-244-4003

An agency that provides comprehensive holistic services to develop and empower individuals and families.



Executive Director: AKO Abdul-Samad

Ako Abdul–Samad is a life-long resident of the City of Des Moines and has witnessed first hand the challenges facing low income minority communities. His passion to help improve the community lead to his vision of creating a community agency that would provide comprehensive holistic services to develop and empower individuals and families.

In 1996, Ako’s vision was propelled into reality with the formation of Creative Visions Human Development Institute. Initially, the organization was focused mainly on providing educational opportunities to help address the rampant use of drugs, gang violence, and crime involving at-risk youths. While the organization experienced dramatic results in its initial efforts, the organization realized that the efforts were only addressing the symptoms of a greater problem. Creative Visions Human Development Institute recognized that in order to effectively address the issues impacting at-risk youths on a long term basis, it would require a comprehensive approach that involved the family and community.

Creative Visions soon expanded its efforts to include programs that were developed to help stabilize the family units and empower communities. Today, Creative Visions has enabled thousands of individuals to build stronger lives, stronger families, and stronger communities through its core program of services which focus on self, family and community betterment.

Creative Visions Human Development Institute is accredited with the Iowa Registry of Non Profit Accountability having adopted the Iowa Principles and Practices for Charitable Excellence to govern its operations. This designation means that Creative Visions is recognized for its strict adheres to standards of transparency and accountability in its program governance.