Children and Family Urban Ministries (CFUM)

1548 8th St. 515-282-3242

CFUM addresses the challenges and builds on the strengths of those living on the near north side of Des Moines. CFUM seeks to create welcome, nurture lives, and promote social and economic justice by bringing together a broad and inclusive community to share the resources and abundance meant for all.



Program Director: Janelle Mueller

M-F: 6am-5pm, with various programs throughout the day and some evenings

Children and Family Urban Ministries seeks to create and strengthen the community on the near north side of Des Moines. They offer many programs, starting with breakfast in the morning on through dinner in the evening and beyond.

Their programs include:

–         The Breakfast Club: 6-8:30am

–         Power Hour: Academic component to The Breakfast Club

–         Power Breakfast: A partnership with Everybody Wins! Iowa

–         The Supper Club: 4:30-5:30pm Mon-Sat, serving adults and children

–         The Haven: After school program for k-5th graders at Moulton

–         Awesome Days: Programming during the breaks at Moulton

–         Backyard Boys/The Whyld Girls: Gender-specific programming for middle school students

–         The Wonder Girlz: Gender-specific programming for 4-5th grade girls

–         Friday Fun Night: A partnership with Grinnell College

–         Winter Clothing Closet: Furnishes mittens, hats, coats, shoes and boots to children and adults in need

–         Community Celebrations: Various community events organized through CFUM

The after school programming is fed directly from its neighbor, Moulton Extended Learning Center, but there are still many ways to get active with CFUM. Come check support one of the many community events, donate supplies, volunteer a few hours out of your week, or tell everyone you know about the good work they are doing in the Mid City.