Crystal Anniversary for Creative Visions

Creative Visions is celebrating its 15th Anniversary. To mark this event they are presenting the play “Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One” on Friday, March 4th 6:30pm at the Iowa Historical Society – 600 E. Locust Street.

The performance is a dynamic one woman play on the life of abolitionist Harriet Tubman. Gwendolyn Briley-Strand, the critically acclaimed actress portraying Tubman, will take the audience on one of the journeys Ms. Tubman took through the Underground Railroad. The music, props, costumes, and extraordinary acting will give you an understanding of the challenges of that time in our history like you’ve never had before, and a greater understanding of why the strength, courage, and faith shown by Harriet Tubman can be used to guide, inspire, and empower communities to work together to overcome the challenges we face today.

“Harriet Tubman: The Chosen One”

Friday, March 4th – 6:30pm

Iowa Historical Society, 600 E. Locust St

Tickets: $20

Tickets to the performance are $20. Should you have any questions or would like to learn more about the play or Creative Visions’ programs, please visit their website.