Green Living

Everyone agrees these days that lessening our impact on the world is definitely a good thing. To support that idea, we always do our best to promote green living, whether it is some backyard gardening, recycling, or switching over to that old dusty bike in the garage for a few trips a week.

To help you get some good ideas in supporting your green habits, we are providing a free ticket to the Green Living Health Expo this weekend to anyone who wants it. Info for the Expo:

Iowa State Fairgrounds – Knapp Learning Center

Saturday, February 26th, 10am-5pm


Sunday, February 27th, 10am-5pm

There will be dozens of exhibitors to help guide you towards new green products and lifestyles. Just print off the following ticket, and it will gain you entrance to either Saturday or Sunday. And feel free to print off however many you need for your friends and family as well.