2010 in Pictures

Linda Martin, of the Mondamin Presidential Neighborhood Association, was kind enough to send us a lot of pictures from events in 2010. They are beautifully shot and we thank her very much. Linda is active all around the community, and she would definitely be hard to replace.

To check out the entire lot of photos, head over to the Facebook page. There will be albums from the Summer Kickoff, Jazz in July, Neighborhood Night Out, and Neighborhood Fall Festival.

At the very least, these should at least make you think some warm thoughts on these brisk Iowa winter days. But hopefully they will evoke some positive thoughts and energize you for the coming spring and summer. I know they make me want to go for a bike ride.

If you have any photos, videos, or fun stories you would like to share from events in the Mid City, send them to us at midcitydsm@gmail.com. And if you want to get involved with these events as they are planned for the 2011 season, drop us a line as well. We love getting new people involved, whether they are tabling, bringing some snacks, or just dropping by the event for a good time.