Culture Inc Brings Back the 70s

The 70s saw the rise of smiley faces and lava lamps, bell bottoms and mood rings, citizens fighting for civil rights and spreading love. It’s 2011, we’re at war and in a down economy. If it weren’t for my cell phone and addiction to Facebook, I would sometimes feel like I am in the 70s, but I am definitely missing that special vibe.

Culture Inc is going to spend this Saturday night bringing back that community  spirit and love of the 70s. So dress up in your finest classic gear to Hustle the night away and head on over to 2332 Euclid Avenue from 9p-1a. It’s $10 at the door and the best 70s attire and finest Soul Train Dancers will be up for some cash prizes.

For all of the info, check out their event page or  contact Rachel Rockwell at (515)244-1200 and